Want FREE gift cards just for watching your favorite TV show & shopping at your favourite store?

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What's VoxWaves?

VoxWaves is the shopping reward app, that gives you free gift cards just for watching your favorite TV show & shopping at your favorite store. We also helps you discover all the best products and deals at stores near you using Geofencing, iBeacon and Audio watermark technologies.




Collect Vox Points

Use Voxwaves mobile app to get vox points for watching TV shows, walking into stores, participate in survey and more.




Get Rewards

Redeem your vox points for cool gift cards from Starbuck, Amazon, Target, Walmart and many other fine retailers.




Products & Deals

Get exclusive promotional offers, deals and free gifts from your favorite brands and top retailers.

Our App!

The VoxWaves app is easy and fun to use. The VoxWaves app does all the work so you can have all the fun.

Coupons & Promotions

Coupons and promotions tied to the content you view and the ads you see on television. No worrying about that new product one of our partners has, having the VoxWaves app makes you eligible for exclusive promotions and coupons.

Easy To Use

Think of VoxWaves as your shopping assistant or personal assistant. Coupons, offers and Vox points tracked within our app, ready for you to use and enjoy.



From time to time a partner will ask you to complete a survey. Each time you complete a survey, we will offer you Vox Rewards! Redeem your Vox Rewards for valuable gift cards.

Shopping Experience

Improve your shopping experience at our partners. When you enter a participating partners retail location, our app will provide you with exclusive promotions and information, including special deals and promotions.

Partner With Us

Want to partner with VoxWaves. Our technology and services will create real impact for partners large and small. Major retailers and local businesses will benefit in so many ways through a partnership with VoxWaves.

  • Reach a large pool of motivated consumers
  • Use Geofencing, iBeacon and Audio watermark technologies to target consumers with coupons and special promotions
  • Tailor ads to specific demographics and at certain times.
  • Gather data about who is watching and hearing your advertisements

The power of VoxWaves will impact your marketing plan in so many ways. VoxWaves is easy and fun for users, it doesn't feel like a chore. It is social and they can upgrade their shopping experience using the app, making their interactions with our partners fun and carefree.